TikTok Satar Rabeeca Khan Celebrate her Birthday with Special Friend

Rabeeca Khan is a famous actress, model, and TikToker. She has won the hearts of little boys because of her beauty. Her popularity grew when she started uploading her lip sync video to the TikTok app. And people just loved the videos of this girl and she started gaining millions of followers.

Rabeeca Kashif (Rebecca Khan) is a well-known Pakistani celebrity who has gained popularity with her TikTok page, known for posting lip-syncing videos. Got more than 3 million followers. She is the daughter of the famous Pakistani comedian Kashif Khan.

If we talk about the age of Pakistan model and famous TikToker Rebecca Khan in 2021, then she is 21 years old. And at a young age, the girl gained prominence, which seemed impossible. And you might be surprised to learn that she is the daughter of actor and comedian Kashif Khan.

Rabeeca Khan shared lovely photos of her birthday party with her fans on Instagram. Let’s take a look at the beautiful pictures below.

We often see Rebecca Khan on BOL TV programs. And people followed his plan with great interest. In just a few days, the number of followers of this girl on Instagram exceeded 2.5 million. And it would not be wrong to say that you have become a celebrity and a celebrity in social media. After all, nature has blessed Rabeeca with such beauty.

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