Syed Jibran Beautiful Pictures with Cute Young Wife Affifa

Syed Jibran is a famous Senior Actor of Pakistani Drama Industry. Syed jibran Performed the Every role Positive or Negative in Drama Industry, He Mostly Performed the Negative Role in Drama, Because her face Impression is always angry.

42 Years old Syed Jibran in 2021, He was born in 1979 at Jehlum Pakistan. He is very tall and Young Actor, Syed Jibran share the most Beautiful Pictures with Cute Young Wife Affifa Jibran Viral on Social Media.

Affifa Jibran is 25 Years old in 2021. She is 17 Years little from her Husband Syed Jibran, but they spent the Happy life which Together. Affifa Jibran coming soon work in Drama Industry. She is a Mother of Three Kids. She is a Most Charming and Attractive Personality.

Affifa Jibran born in London, and his Parents Live in London. She Complete the Eductaion from London and after the Marriage with Syed Jibran She moved in Karachi Pakistan. Affifa Jibran Share the Lovely pictures with family on Social Media.

Syed Jibran is a Pakistani actor and businessman. He started his career with Pakistan Television Network.Sed Jibran entered the stage in 2001 with the Pakistani television drama “Hook” and has so far shown total acting in many of the plays. Syed Gibran these days the dramas drama “Dilrba” and “Tarp”

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