My Sister did not die, but She was killed by her Husband

The passing of Pakistan’s unbelievable artist Nazia Hassan has become known.

Zohaib Hassan, the sibling of previous renowned vocalist Nazia Hassan, made significant disclosures about her sister in which she said that Nazia was harmed by her better half.

Following the disclosure of artist Zohaib Hassan, online media is brimming with remarks on him.

Nazia Hassan’s sibling Zohaib told a private Station that Nazia Hassan had composed an affirmation in London that she had been taken care of something.

She further added that Nazia’s ex used to treat her differently۔

In a meeting with another private Television slot, Zohaib Hassan uncovered that Nadia had been harmed by her better half, which prompted her demise.

Artist Zohaib Hassan further uncovered that Nazia had additionally separated from her better half before her demise.

After Zohaib Hassan’s disclosures became visible, Nazia Hassan’s ex Ishtiaq Baig likewise approached with all due respect and said that Nazia was exceptionally dear to him. “I was with Nazia as late as possible,” he said. “I realized Nazia had malignant growth yet I actually wedded her and we were both exceptionally glad,” said Ishtiaq Baig.

Conversing with media, Ishtiaq Baig said that Zohaib Hassan used to earn enough to pay the rent on Nazia’s pay.

Mirza Ishtiaq Baig additionally reported to record a case for Rs 1 billion harms against Zohaib Hassan.

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