Minal Khan Share Most Recent Pictures with Husband Ahsan at Under Sea Restaurant

No need for the launch of Minal Khan, He is the most famous and shy actor in Showbiz Industry, Minal Khan Sharing the Most Latest Photos with Young Husband Ahsan Mohsin Akram at the Honeymoon in the Maldives after the Wedding, three weeks ago Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Beshade in Karachi.

Today Minal Khan Share Amazing and Outstanding Pictures with Husband Ahsan Mohsin in Under the Sae Restaurant and Eating Different Foofs, Minal Khan Full enjoy Honeymoon after the Marriage with Ahsan Mohsin.

Aiman ​​khan is also a major actor in Showbiz Industry, Aiman ​​and Minal khan who works extensively with Amazing who works in Showbiz Industry, after the wedding Aiman ​​khan and Actor Muneeb butt employees at Showbiz Industry, Just make an Brand Ads and Chief Guest for Show.

Minal Khan Sharing all wedding photos on Social Media, Minal Khan also shared a video of his Mehndi dance, Minal Khan very happy after the wedding and Ahsan Mohsin, Mianl and Ahsan Mohsin met for the first time at Darma Shooting and then Ahsan Thande minutes and a few days later of Ahsan Purpose of Childbirth Marriage, Minal Khan accepted Ahsan’s intention to marry.

Recently the Famous Drama of Minal Khan last week was completed by Ishq Hai on ARY Digital. Mianl khan is thinking about Film Industry after the wedding.

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