Minal Khan Share Memorable Pictures with Her Brothers

Minal and Aiman ​​are both romantic travelers and spend a lot of time traveling to Minal Khan and joining Moshin Akram who has a non-showbiz background and He is also neither an actor nor a Model. Rumor has it that Minal had a childhood relationship with Mohsin and will soon be married.

Last Weakness, the marriage of Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram has always been a trend on social media. Some people have congratulated the couple and even criticized them. But there is no doubt that Minal Khan looked very beautiful wearing a red bridal gown.

Aiman ​​Khan almost made 3 or 4 foreign guests within a year. Last week she was on a trip with her husband and now she is back and she went out at night with her brothers and sisters. Aiman ​​and Minal have 2 brothers both of whom are still young but not of the show Fulfilled as their sister.

People have been waiting patiently for Minal Khan’s wedding for years because he had been in love with Manzoor Khan before. But for some personal reason, there was a difference between the two, and he fell in love with actor Ahsan Mohsin Ikram for the second time.

Minal Khan Upcoming Drama Payaas can get the highest rank Aiman ​​Daughter Amal and the best kids on social media would love to see his work. Ishq Tamasha’s drama enters into one of Aiman ​​Khan’s hottest plays especially playing an innocent role in a play and his fans see him as an innocent girl.

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