Mehwish Hayat with Family at Nida Yasir Morning Show Beautiful Pictures

Mehwish Hayat and his family at the Nida Yasir Morning Show. Nida Yasir is a well-known Pakistani celebrity and currently hosts a morning show at Ary Digital Good Morning Pakistan where she invites various celebrity guests, today she invites Mehwish Hayat and her sister and mother.

Mehishish Hayat is a well-known Pakistani actor who started his career in acting and now left the acting industry and worked on Pakistani movies for his latest movies such as Punjab Nahi Jaungi and other major films in Pakistan Film Industry

He was recently in the news for his statement that he wanted to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan, saying that if a cricketer could be a Premier the actor could be the Prime Minister he said, Imran Khan is a good leader but old and future, Pakistan needs a young leader so let me in.

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