Javeria Saud Share Latest Pictures at Nida Yasir Morning Show

Javeria Saud is a Best Pakistani Host, Actress and Producer in Pakistnai Showbiz Industry. Nida Yasir Invite to Javeria Saud at her ARY Good Morning show. Javeria Saud Wear a Beautiful Black Dress looks so Pretty and Gorgeous. Javeria Saud Join the Nida Morning Show without her Husband Saud.

Javeria Saud Start the Showbiz industry from Naat receipt. Javeria Saud Voice is so sweat and Attractive. Javeria Receipt Naat in School level then won the Gold Medal at District Level. Then Next year Javeria Saud Receipt Naat at Provicional Level and again won the Gold Medal then Javeria Receipt Naat at TV Show, this time is Start of Javria Saud in Showbiz Industry, After a Few year Javeria Saud join the as a Host TV Show.

Age of the Actress Javeria Saud in 2021 is 49 Year old. She is Healthy body but Still see the Fitness. Javeria Saud Perfaom the extra Activity in Drama Shooting, She is Perform the every Role in Drama Industry Javeria Mostly Perform the Positive Roles in Drama Industry but she is also perform Negative Roles in Some Time. No doubt, She is Very Talented Actress.

Javeria Saud and her Charming Husband Saud Qasmi, both are Famous Couple of Showbiz Industry. Javeria Saud and her Husband Saud qasmi Both together working in Drama Industry. Every Drama Most Famous on Social Media who perfom the Javeria Saud. Javeria Saud have Two Child, One Young Lovely Daughters Jannat Saud and One Son Ibrahim Saud.

Actress Javeria Saud Born in Karachi Pakistani in 1972. She was Married with Saud Qasmi in 2005. Javeria Saud Complete the Initial Education from Pakistan Navy School. Javeria Saud and her Husband Saud both work in Pakistani Punjabi Films, Now Javeria Finish Film Industry but her Husbnad active work in Pujabi Film.

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