Iqrar Ul Hassan Apologize for his Most Recent Assertion about Ayesha Akram

Iqrar Ul Hassan the right now under analysis because of his assertion about Minar e Pakistan Episode Yasir Shami and Iqrar Ul Hassan direct the Meeting of Ayesha Akram and got the most noteworthy viewership via Online Media and Individuals simply Condemn that they record it for rating and Ayesha do this for Notoriety and Prevalence.

After a great deal of Pessimistic Proclamations by Various individuals about Iqrar Hassan At long last, He transfers Another Apologize video and simply Says that I.m Apologize that for everything. As of late Iqrar Ul Hassan Moved to Lahore with his Spouses and Family and Observe Freedom Day in Lahore lets check the most recent Assertion of Iqrar ul Hassan.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan was actually blamed for planting the Minar-e-Pakistan Event with the setback Ayesha Akram and her associate Rambo who was in like manner a person from the Sar-e-Aam volunteer force which is an organization show worked with by Iqrar-ul-Hassan. Later on, a hashtag mentioning the catch of Iqrar-ul-Hassan was moreover continuing on Twitter.

Iqrar ul hassan is graduated with the degree in Political Hypothesis and News inclusion from Government School (GCU), Lahore. In the wake of completing analyzes he moved to the city of Karachi to join the media business of Pakistan as a writer.

Iqrar Ul Hassan is a striking reporter and senior feature writer. Likewise, he has transformed into an expert in his field. He has been doing Sar-e-Aam programs on ARY News for a really long time, while in the extended length of Ramadan he is seen doing segments of the Naiki Program. Also, they are dynamically drawn in with government help work.

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