Hanish Qureshi Doughter of Faysal Qureshi Gorgeous Pictures

Hanish Qureshi is the 1st Daughter of Faysal Qureshi and now She is also well recognized Model and Actress in Showbiz Industry after the 3rd marriage Faysal lives with his New Wife and kids and Hanish Lives separate with her own house here are some New Pictures of Hanish Qureshi in Outclass dressing.

Hanish Quraishi is the excellent oldest girl of Pakistani star entertainer Faysal Quraushi . Hanish is likewise working with a respectable magazine . She is a notable web-based media powerhouse with a critical after also.

Faysal Qureshi’s first marriage likewise brought forth a girl. Her name is Hanish Qureshi and she is additionally an entertainer like her dad and more often than not you will see her following up on Pakistani television dramatization screen, so today we see some wonderful pictures of Hanish from her Instagram.

Faysal Qureshi got hitched when he was extremely youthful thusly individuals struggled accepting he had an adult girl.

Hanish is truly near a portion of her VIP companions and continues to post pictures with her family.

Hanish is Aiman Khan ‘s dear companion and she is likewise old buddies with Imran Abbas.

Hanish Qureshi is the girl of Faisal Qureshi’s first spouse. Lamentably, Hansh Qureshi’s mom and Faisal Qureshi were separated from eight years after their marriage. Hanish is the girl of Faisal Qureshi from a similar lady. She is the oldest girl of Faisal Qureshi.

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