Crickter Shahid Afridi Chill the Rainy Weather with his Daughters and Family

Former Pakistani Cricketer and Social Worker Shahid Afridi recently won the KPL Champion Trophy and once again achieved great success by playing the role of Outclass as KPL League Product Ambassador. The games are over now Shawid Afridi’s main Rawalkot Team has won a trophy and shared happy moments on Social Media.

Shahid Afridi is the most flexible Cricketer of the Pakistani Cricket team known as Boom Boom. Shahid Afridi is the most respected Pakistani actress Who Married She got married at a very young age and now has 5 daughters and the former is engaged to Shaheen Afridi the fast bowler of the Pakistan Team.

Shahid Afridi was brought to the world at the Khyber Office of the state-owned Ancestral Regions and has a place with the Afridi family of Pastuns. He currently resides in Karachi. He is survived by his maternal cousin Nadia Afridi and is the father of four young girls.

Afridi and Shaheen’s daughter was due to be detained after two families, who had established a relationship, arrived on the scene. While Afridi confirmed that he was close, he did not report for authorization if the application was approved.

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