Beautiful Pictures of Naimal Khawar with her cute Son and Close Friends

Naimal Khawar is a well-known Pakistani actress who, as a model, made her first acting presentation with a film named Verna. Naimal was heavily influenced by Izza’s work on the television series “Anaa” on Murmur television.

Naimal Khawar Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wife who is leaving Showbiz Industry after marrying Hamza and starting a new peaceful life

In 2021, Naimal Khawar is 27 years old. And at just 25 years old, Naimal just married talented actress Hamza Ali Abbasi. And at her husband’s request, she also left the showbiz industry.

By the time we talk about the time of the Pakistani singer and model Naimal Khawar in 2021, she was then 27 years old. The entertainment artist has quit his showbiz career at the behest of his key partner Hamza Ali Abbasi. In addition, today he is investing power alone at home with his child and parents in law.

Some fun pictures of Naimal Khawar participating in a pool party with her best part and the kids are celebrating online. As can be seen in the pictures he plays with the children in the pool of his home during the season.

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