Beautiful Pictures of Famous Model Susan Khan in Pink Dress

Sasan khan is a good and famous role model in the Pakistani industry, he has won hearts because he is an amazing and outstanding artist. Very smart and beautiful, Susan Khan shared the latest photos in Pink Dress, Susan khan looks like the most beautiful Model wearing Pink Color.

Susan Khan is an artist, according to her social media bio, and has served as a role model in many fields. With an estimated 53,000 followers on Instagram, Khan is a celebrity.

Pakistani promoter Susan Khan celebrated her birthday earlier this month, and videos of the group have been circulated for all the wrong reasons. In a disturbing display, the lion appears to have been used as a party proposal, tied with a rope and designed to entertain guests.

“While I don’t fight birthdays and how people choose to celebrate them, I strongly disagree with people who use animals as tools. And that is exactly what happened on Miss Susan’s birthday. The lions were chained on the left and right and are shown as a new part of the decoration, ”said an Instagram account.

Project Save Animals, a pet rescue page and activist on Twitter has expressed its concern over the incident and criticized the impact of its decisions. Sedan, the owner of the page, says, “I strongly disagree with the people who use the animals as the lion’s machinery was chained on the left and right and wearing new ornaments. That’s not it. Why do we always forget that these are living, breathing creatures with the ability to feel like you? ”

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