Beautiful Pictures of Actress Dur e Fishan in Simple White Dress

Dur e Fishan is the most talented and pure actor of the Pakistani Showbiz Industry. Dur e Fishan won Hearts of Peoples because he played in an amazing and outstanding way in the Showbiz industry. She is also a very beautiful New Actress.

Actress Dur in Fishan Share the latest and most beautiful photos in Simple White Dress. She looks very smart and lovable in the latest photos. Actress Dur e Fishan is a charming and Stunnings personality from the Pakistani Showbiz industry.

Dur e Fishan is a New Actor in the Pakistani Showbiz industry. Dur e Fishan started Career in Showbiz Industry from Drama of Dil Ruba. He then appeared in Second Drama Bharaas. The father of Actor Dur e Fishan by Saleem ul Hassan is a major TV producer and Director.

Speaking of the age of actor Dur Fishan in 2021, He was 25 years old, Born in 1996 in Lahore Pakistan. He completed the LL.B of Universal College Islamabad before the Showbiz Field Service, and has previously worked as an Intellectual Property Attorney for one year.

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