Anhor Waseem Badami Crying on Comedian Umar Sharif Death Body

You all know that comedian Umer Sharif has passed away. His last rites were performed in Karachi today. Here we will tell you the fact that thousands of people attended the funeral of Umer Sharif. His funeral was held in a park named after Umer Sharif in the Clifton Block-2 area of ​​Karachi.

Pakistani actor, writer, and comedian Umer Sharif, 66, has made a name for himself worldwide with his excellent works. There is no doubt that comedians like Umer Sharif may need years to come. Because one of the special things about this man is that he was very good at answering anyone in front of him without reading the text.

A few days ago, Umer Sharif became seriously ill and was admitted to a hospital in Karachi. But as his condition worsened, Pakistani doctors ordered Umer Sharif to be taken to the United States, where he was thought to be recovering. That is why the Pakistani government got an air ambulance and the comedian sent him to the United States. But before he arrived in the United States, he took one last breath in Germany and left the world.

But in today’s story, we will see the famous news anchor Waseem Badami sharing photos and videos with his followers and followers of Umer Bhai while performing the final rituals of comedy king Umer Sharif. As can be seen from the infected images, there are millions in the crowd and they respect this person. After all, Umer Sharif was very fond of his people of Pakistan. Umer Bhai has passed away, but his memories will always be fresh in our hearts.

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