Aiman Minal Share Throwback Pictures Before Entered in Showbiz

Beautiful, beautiful and lovable actors and models of the Pakistani show industry Aiman ​​Khan and Minal Khan need no introduction. The two beautiful twins in the Pakistani industry have a special place in people’s hearts. Take a look at these two beauties.

Aiman ​​Khan and Minal Khan have many fans who follow on social media with the most popular Pakistani actors. they are both talented and hardworking. The amazing transformation of Aiman ​​and Minal surprised their fans. Aiman ​​and Minal were very beautiful in their childhood and both were healthy and had bright cheeks that looked beautiful and advertised their splendor in their beauty.

The super hit actors started their journey by chance and Aiman ​​once said it was not planned to be part of the industry. It was just a donation they accepted and started their work. After entering the industry Minal Khan’s transformation is amazing now he is younger, smarter and more attractive than ever.

Minal and Aiman ​​were only 14 years old when they first appeared and now out of 22 both Jalan’s main character Minal as Nisha and Aiman ​​developed their personalities and did both at the time. Here we share some of the oldest and most memorable photos of both and look at how beautiful and wonderful ladies were transforming themselves.

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