Aiman Khan with Muneeb Butt Share Beautiful Pictures from Minal Baraat

Aiman ​​Khan is also the center of attention at Minal Khan’s wedding. Sources also revealed that Aiman ​​Khan will also be seen working on new Pakistani games. After the wedding, Aiman ​​took a break from the showbiz industry for a while because of her husband, daughter and in-laws.

Aiman ​​Khan Twin’s sister Minal Khan is ready to start marrying Ahsan Khan in just two days. Aiman ​​Khan celebrates marriage with his family. Muneeb Butt has been busy making a Vlog for his channel.

The video was used by the official photography page where fans could see Aiman ​​Khan crying in tears as the Nikkah event continued with guests around him, trying to comfort him. Muneeb Butt also could not hold back his tears during Nikkah’s times. Everyone in Nikkah’s time had feelings. Ahsan Mohsin Ikram also signed the papers. Minal Khan had the feeling of his special day See videos from Nikkah.

Pakistani entertainment actor and actor Aiman ​​Khan has portrayed his sister Minal Khan’s doll as a pixie. It is often found in diseased images that a mother and a young girl wear the same dress at a party. However, some people, after seeing pictures of Aiman ​​Khan, also said that Aiman ​​Khan looked angry at Minal’s dinner party.

A 23-year-old Pakistani actress and actress Aiman ​​Khan also has the right to marry at a very young age. She started her married life at the age of 20 by marrying actress Muneeb Butt. At the age of 21, she became the mother of her first daughter.

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