After Marriage Minal Khan with Husband Ahsan Mohsin New Pictures Viral by Media

After the marriage of Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, they were regarded as the leading couple in the Pakistani sports industry. Sources said the actress has recently taken a break from working in the new Pakistani drama and is currently spending time with her husband and in-laws. And he probably won’t seem to be acting like his sister Aiman ​​Khan for two or three years now.

Their wedding photoshoots have frustrated online media and have given us almost all the tricks of the moment. Fans were currently seeing a small break on the couple’s side as there was no understanding of their life after the wedding. Minal was spotted by law enforcement parents and his family as they ate a delicious dinner.

Pakistani actor and actress 23-year-old Minal Khan recently married Ahsan Mohsin Ikram a few days ago. The couple’s wedding, which lasted more than 10-12 days on social media, has drawn criticism. But all Pakistani celebrities have one thing in common: they listen to people with one ear and pull them out with the other. And they make their own way and don’t listen to the people.

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