Actress Nida Yasir and Noor Zafar Share Latest Pictures with Alyana Falak

Actress Nida Yasir Reached at Hospital and meet with Actress Sarah khan and Falak Shabeer Coregulate for Parents. Nida Yasir Share the most recent Picture on Social Media with Doughter of Sarah Khan, Alyana Falak.

Actress Noor Zafar also meet with Actress Sarah Khan and Singer falak Shabeer in Hospital and Give Congratulate for Parents, Noor Zafar also share the Most Beautiful Pictures with Doughter of Sarah Khan is Alyana Falak, Basically, Noor Zafar is Khala of Alyana Falak.

Actress Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir Share First Picture with New Baby Born Girl Alyana Falak, Alyana Falak Same match face with Mother Sarah Khan, Pictures and Video Viral on Social Media Doughter of Actress Sarah Khan.

She is only 29 years old Sarah married in 2019 in Falak Shabbir and Today Blessed Friday is a happy day for Sarah Khan lets see the 1st look of Sarah Sarah’s daughter with their Parents.

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