Actress Minal Khan & Ahasn Dholki Night Beautiful Pictures and videos viral on Facebook

Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram will become another loyal couple in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Also, people are looking to see their wedding. Their wedding will be suspended on September 10, 2021, in Karachi. Due to the current situation, greeting cards are sent separately to guests who are not familiar with this wedding.

Minal Khan who is an entertainment artist and Model of Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Minal Khan is the sister of the singer of Aiman ​​Khan Legend and Model of Pakistan. Currently Days Aiman ​​Khan is on a trip to Turkey with his special partner and his little girl Amal is staying with her grandmother and Ant Minal Khan.

Currently, photos of the festival of Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram’s dholki are the focus of social media. And both are regarded as well-known Pakistani actors. Due to the current situation, the Dutch event is being held at home and relatives and close friends are invited to attend. Minal Khan’s fame grew when he started working in sports.

Minal Khan has chosen to get married. His other important name is Ahsan Mohsin Ikram. In addition he has a place with Pakistan Showbiz Industry and is a fun-loving person. Minal Khan said this on his Instagram message that he will be contacted on 10 September 2021

If we talk about Pakistani celebrities on the social media platform Instagram, then Minal Khan is in the top five for having the most followers on Instagram. Currently, Minal is followed by nearly 7.63 million people on his Instagram. As well as being a TV show, he is also a well-known presenter and a few days ago created his own account on SnackVideo.

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