Actress Aamina Sheikh Share Pictures of her New Baby Boy after Second Marriage

Actress Aamina Sheikh Blessed With Baby Boy. Aamina Sheikh recently shared the good news she and her husband Omar Farooqui were blessed with a baby boy Issa two weeks ago. Congratulations to Aamina Sheikh and Omar Farooqui who were blessed with a baby boy Issa on 3 September

Aamina Sheikh is regarded as one of Pakistan’s leading and most successful actors in Showbiz. He has won the hearts of people of all ages because of his shining example. Although she is a face of wheat, nature has given this girl a great talent and a sharp mind that can perform all kinds of roles with great skill.

Aamina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza divorced a few years ago and Aamina Sheikh remarried Omar Farooqui and is currently living in Dubai with her husband and daughter.

Pakistani actress and actress 40-year-old Aamina Sheikh began her career in theater. After that, she started getting supporting roles in dramas so she got the chance to appear on TV for the first time. And just this girl worked hard day and night and made a name for herself in her field.

But unfortunately, Aamina Sheikh recently divorced actor Mohib Mirza a few days ago. She also has a daughter from her first husband. But shortly after the divorce, Aamina Sheikh “remarried” a businessman. And now she lives happily abroad with her husband and daughter living with them.

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